Gas Line Repair/Gas Line Replacement/New Gas Line Installation

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Gas Line Repairs

Gas can be a scary thing to have in your home. We have been installing and repairing gas lines for nearly 30 years. Whether it’s a gas dryer, stove, water heater, oven, a fire pit or just a decorative gas light, we can help. Old galvanized piping that was used originally for gas lines, doesn’t like to be moved. So when you’re replacing a gas fixture or just moving one for maintenance, sometimes it can cause leaks. Some leaks are so small that you can only smell a faint smell of gas, while others can be so large that you can hear it hissing. In either situation we can help to fix or replace it.

Gas Line Replacements

South Florida is both a Historical area and a new, up and coming area.

Some of the homes in South Florida can date as far back as the early 20th century but trusting the plumbing for both water, drains or gas can be a little sketchy. If your thinking of revitalizing a home built in 1908 you may want to replace that 1908 gas line to a less rusty or more efficient gas line, we can help.

Some of the homes we see are maybe not quite that old, but the plumbing looks like it. If that rusty gas line makes you nervous and your home isn’t quite that old we can still help.

New Gas Line Installations

Thinking about installing a new gas stove? We can help! How about gas clothes dryer, gas water heater, gas pool heater, gas fire pit, or just a really nice gas BBQ for the summer? We install Natural gas lines as well as Liquid Propane (L.P)gas lines.

Are you looking to relocate gas fixtures in your home or simply convert from Electric to gas? We can help! With the rising prices of Electricity converting your appliances to gas may make your home more efficient and cost effective.

Looking to upgrade your backyard this summer? We can help with that too. Our Licensed and certified technicians can help install that new out door kitchen with both a new sink and BBQ. Its a great way to impress at your next party. How about adding a new pool heater or hot tub? We can help heat both of them. We work very closely with both pool companies and gas suppliers to help upgrade your backyard with an impressive pool and/or outdoor kitchen.

Living in South Florida we also can’t forget about those dreadful storms and/or Hurricances. We can help keep your power on with gas to that brand new generator. How about if the power does go out, we can help keep you cooking with a new gas stove. Lets not forget about those cold showers. Being a native to Florida our companies has been through many storms both named and unnamed. The story is always stay the same, ” We just want to take a hot shower”, we can help.

Tankless gas hot water heaters are the newest growing trend. At First Response Plumbing we are the gas tankless water heaters specialists. We specialize in the installations and repairs of Rinnai, Navien, Rheem, A.O smith and many more brands of tankless gas water heaters. Give us a call for a free estimate!

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