High Water Bill?

A leaking toilet can add up to hundreds of dollars a month on your water bill. Most people don’t pay attention to a slow leak in the toilet or that random sound that occurs in the middle of the night. We have seen water bills climb to $800- $1,000.00 a month from a simple running toilet. Don’t let your water bill creep up on you. Give us a call and we can help keep those bills down.

Do you hear running water but don’t see any water?

In South Florida it is very common for builders to run water lines under your home to reach those master bathrooms or just a way to save on material costs. The major downfall to installing water lines under a home or business, is the ground continuing to settle for many years after the building is completed. The result of the building settling on top of the pipe is it begins to crush the pipe until it starts to leak. This situation is known as a slab leak. A slab leak causes a significant pipe break under the building and it can become so bad that you are able to hear it in every room.

Here at First Response Plumbing we have some of the most accurate equipment and trained technicians that are able to pin point where the break is. This is very important to make the necessary repairs to stop the leak and get your home up and running again.

Have you noticed random water spots on the wall or floor?

If your home is brand new or 70 years old, the water lines and fittings are put to the test every day. South Florida has very harsh water that is filled with calcium and mineral deposits that push through those water lines like sand paper and it can wear down the pipe and fittings and create leaks. Sometimes those leaks are so small it can just be a slow drip or can create a large flood inside the building. Often leaks start as a random water spot that just shows up on day. Don’t wait to contact us as the water damage will continue to get worse until the problem is rectified.

Why is your yard always so muddy?

It is very common for water lines to crack or break entirely. Not every water line break looks like a geyser. Some water line breaks are subtle, it can look like a sinkhole in your yard or the ground will always stay wet even if there hasn’t been any rain. Sometimes you notice that the grass always grows faster in an odd specific area. It’s possible you have a leak. Many utility companies  use estimated bills and it may take a few billing cycles before they notice an increase in your usage. Don’t wait to be hit by an unexpected high water bill. Give us a call, we can help. Our technicians can come out take give you an estimate to solve the issue before it becomes a big problem.

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